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 March/März 2018:  07.03 - 11.03.2018

                            Hannover Sessions  Body Treatment & Toltec Counselling

                            Sessions bookable at Kosta Aldente:


Planned:       Series of SKAN workshops in 2018

                    “In simple terms, Skan methods focus on awakening the heart. This is not the heart                       of ‘nostalgia’ and sentimentality; rather it is the heart of sensitive clarity and                               warm, natural aliveness, the heart of hearing, the heart of vision, the heart, which                       is the center of the self, that which reaches out to the ‘other’ and comes into                                 intimate contact with the fundamental pulsation of all living things.” 

                     - Michael Smith, founder of Skan




                    Sessions bookable at Kosta Aldente: